Born in Aichi Prefecture. Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts (M.A.) She has brought in “Katazome”, one of the very traditional dyeing methods in Japan, to the world of painting, and has created new contemporary art. She has won 19 prizes including “Kyoto Arts New Artist Prize” and “Urban Culture Incentive Award” in 2003. Visits to Vietnam in 1994 and onwards have brought about drastic changes in her art style. Changing sceneries of Vietnam have become main theme, and she has created many art works in a grand scale. In 2003, special exhibitions of her major 26 art works were held in Vietnam and Japan in commemoration with the 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of Japan-Vietnam Diplomatic Relations. In 2005, the exhibition “Playing Eternal Music of Heart in the Old City, Hue” was held at the Royal Palace in Hue, a famous World Heritage designated historic place in Vietnam. That year, she was awarded the “Cultural Testimonial Award” by the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. She has produced other art works depicting sceneries of Myanmar and Morocco. In 2007, “Memory of Time—Toba Mika Katazome Exhibition” was held at Furukawa Art Museum, and “Scenes of Vietnam—Far and Distant View” was held at Pola Museum Annex Tokyo IN Ginza. In 2010, in commemoration of Heijo-Nara 1300th and Hanoi 1000th Anniversary, “Toba Mika’s Exhibition—Nara and Hanoi bound together with Katazome” was held at Yakusiji temple in Nara and at the Temple of Literature and National museum of Art in Hanoi. In 2011, “CRISP-Nishi no Kyo” was donated to Yakusiji Temple. In 2013,Toba Mika Exhibition “Sceneries Remained-forever in one’s soul” was held at Fine Arts Museum of Ho Chi Minh City to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Japan-Vietnam Diplomatic relations. In 2014 Exhibition “Eternal Place” was held at Kiyosu City Haruhi Art Museum. In 2014, Spaecial Exhibition was held in honor of the 800th Memorial Service of Yousai, the founder of Kenninji Temple, the oldest Zen Temple in Kyoto, and 16 Fusuma paintings “Calm” and “Rowing away” were donated to Kenninji Temple. In 2016, “Oriental Dream” was exhibited at the Exhibition of Menard Art Museum. In 2017, Special Exhibition “Toba Mika-The World of Vietnam in Microcosmos” is to be held at Museum of Chum Sculpture in Da Nang City at the occasion of the opening of the 29th APEC Summit. Currently, Professor of Kyoto Seika University