Special Exhibition” Toba Mika-The World of Vietnam in Microcosms” To celebrate 29th APEC Summit to be held in Da Nang, Vietnam

From October20-November12
At Museum of Cham Sculpture
Hosted by Museum of Cham Sculpture, and The Executive Committee for Toba Mika Project
Co-hosted by Department of Foreign Affairs, Da Nang People’s Committee, and Embassy of Japan in Vietnam
Special cooperation: ANA, Japan Logistic Systems Corp. SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd
Supported by: House Foods Group Inc. Nomura Holdings Inc., Daiwa House Group, Nippon Menard Cosmetic Co., Ltd., Ajinomoto Vietnam Co., Ltd.

 Toba Mika's Exhibition of Katazome paintings at the Đà Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture

The Đà Nẵng Museum of Cham Sculpture proudly present to the visitors a set of Toba Mika's paintings, known as "Katazome". Katazome is a unique painting technique originating in Japan more than a thousand years ago with the unique materials of Japanese agriculture and climate. Toba Mika combines the emotions of a modern artist with the traditional Katazome techniques to create the impressive paintings, especially on the themes of landscape and ancient monuments.

Since 1994, Toba Mika has come to Việt Nam and feels an invisible connection between Katazome paintings and the scenery as well as cultural heritage in Việt Nam and this inspiration has yielded to Toba Mika the profound artistic works. Exhibitions of Toba Mika's paintings were held in Việt Nam in 2001 (Hà Nội), 2003 (Hà Nội, Hồ Chí Minh City), 2005 (Huế), 2010 (Hà Nội) and 2013 (Hồ Chí Minh City). This time at the Đà Nẵng Museum of Cham Sculpture, Toba Mika introduces additional works reflecting the fresh beauty of nature in Central Việt Nam and especially re-warming the hidden artistic emotions in the ancient Cham temples.

Toba Mika's exhibition is being held in the time Đà Nẵng City welcoming the APEC Summit Week. We hope that the traditional Katazome paintings accompanied with the Champa sculptures at the museum will bring to Vietnamese and overseas visitors memorable aesthetic feelings, and help to share the appreciation for nature and cultural values of the peoples.

Võ Văn Thang
Director of Đà Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture

Permaent exhibition at the Lobby of Palace Hotel Tokyo

New art work "Signs of season"


2014年秋に完成した建仁寺小書院襖絵「凪」「舟出」の十六面が現在常設展示されています。お寺の行事の関係で拝観できないことがありますので、詳しくは建仁寺( 075-561-6363 )までご確認ください。






現在、建仁寺大書院襖絵三十六面の制作に取り掛かっており、また、薬師寺地蔵院の襖絵制作も予定されている。 海外関係では、ニューヨーク・メトロポリタン美術館に鳥羽美花作品を恒久展示する計画が進行中。また、シカゴ美術館での個展開催について計画も進行中。


2月1日にNHKBSプレミアムで放映された番組、「時のうつろい」を染め上げる~染色作家・鳥羽美花の世界~が、 6月19日(金)午前10時15分から11時 まで、再々放送されました。

Special Exhibition “Toba Mika --Dyeing Zen Spirit”in honor of the 800th Memorial Service of Yousai, the founder of the Kenninji, the Oldest Zen Temple in Kyoto

Toba Mika Special Exhibition “Dyeing Zen Spirit”at Kenninji, the oldest Zen Temple in Kyotofrom November 29th-December 14th, 2014 (10:00-16:00)
The year 2014 marks the 800th memorial of priest Yosai (1141–1215), who founded Kenninji temple, and Toba Mika will dye the Zen spirit by Katazome, the Japanese traditional dyeing method, over 52 Fusuma, Japanese partitions, and will dedicate them to the Temple to honor this memorial. The first chapter of this project, “from a calm to ripple” over 16 Fusuma is now completed, and will be specially exhibited at the Temple. On this occasion, another grand painting “Eternal Place” depicting My Son Sanctuary, Vietnamese ancient ruins, will also be exhibited.




Toba Mika Special Exhibition “Dyeing Zen Spirit”



IIAS is a research institute based in the Netherlands. It encourages the multidisciplinary and comparative study of Asia and, acting as a national, European and global mediator, actively promotes national and international cooperation. IIAS facilitates fellowships and research, and organises workshops, conferences, as well as public lectures. In its Newsletter, 2014Summer, TOBA Mika’s art was introduced as the special feature page by Stefan Jekan

愛知県清須市はるひ美術館での展覧会  鳥羽美花展「時空を超えて―辿りついた場所より」

会期:2014年4月12日(土)~ 6月8日(日)〈前期〉4月12日(土)~ 5月11日(日)〈後期〉5月13日(火)~ 6月8日(日)/開館時間:10:00~19:00(入館は18:30まで)/休館日:月曜日(月曜日が休日の場合は次の平日が休館)/主催:清須市はるひ美術館、中日新聞社/アーテイストトーク:2014年4月26日(土)/5月25日(日)各回14:00~

Toba Mika Exhibition-Sceneries Remained forever in one’s soul

Toba Mika Exhibition-Sceneries Remained forever in one’s soul to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Japan-Vietnam Diplomatic Relations closed successfully on December 15th. More than 5000 people came to see the Exhibition, and among them, there were many young Vietnamese who were so interested in the art work depicting disappearing sceneries of Vietnam. In addition to many artists and art students, a lot of Europeans came to enjoy the Exhibition.
In the Museum, video of Toba Mika’s art work was shown, and Katagami paper and other materials of the Katazome painting were exhibited. Special panel showing the various artisan works was also attached on the wall and it attracted a lot of interests as well.
Many messages were written by the visitors, and in the last page, there was the following special message: “Japan-Vietnam united!” Hope that the ties of our two countries will be further strengthened. --Retired colonel who fought with General Võ Nguyên Giáp in Điện Biên Phủ (80 years old)

Palace Hotel Tokyo-lobby

Exhibition at Nara/Yakusiji Temple & Hanoi Tenple of Literature in 2010